Join us as a sponsor for the Rotary Cycling World Championship in Brakel, where your support extends far beyond the race track. This event not only celebrates athletic excellence but also embodies the Rotary values of service, integrity, and community. By sponsoring, you’ll align your brand with a cause that champions community development and charitable efforts.


Why Sponsor the Rotary Cycling Championship?

  • Support meaningful causes: Your sponsorship helps fund Rotary projects that make a significant impact in the community. From local initiatives to global outreach, Rotary uses funds raised to improve education, healthcare, and welfare, ensuring a lasting positive effect.
  • Promote Rotary values: By sponsoring this event, your brand will be associated with the Rotary commitment to service and ethics. This partnership highlights your business’s dedication to more than just profit—showcasing a commitment to community welfare and ethical responsibility.
  • Enhanced visibility: Gain exposure through various channels with event branding, media mentions, and promotional materials that feature your brand. Your logo and message will reach not only those attending the event but also the wider community through extensive press coverage and online presence.
  • Engage with community leaders: The event attracts Rotary members from various sectors, providing a unique networking opportunity with influential community leaders and decision-makers. This is a chance to foster relationships that could lead to future collaborations and ventures.
  • Customizable cponsorship opportunities: We offer diverse sponsorship packages tailored to meet your goals and budget. Whether you aim to have a prominent presence at the event or support a specific aspect of the program, we have options that ensure your contribution makes an impact.


By becoming a sponsor, you are not just supporting a sporting event but are also contributing to the Rotary’s mission of helping others and improving lives. This is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s values and commitment to positive social change.